About Me – Anita Cerro

I just can’t stop making things!  It is second nature to me to use my hands.  Making jewellery was right up my alley.   Once I started making it I couldn’t stop myself.

Gem stones, beads and findings are eye candy to me. Each stone or pearl are unique, with their own imperfections, quirks, flaws and inclusions.  No two pearls are alike and rarely are two stones the same in colour or cut.  Try as we might, Mother Nature has the final say when working with natural stones and fresh water pearls. The bonus for us is each piece is truly original.

There are simply limitless options open to me when working with sterling silver wire, findings and semi-precious stones. Design is intuitive to the stone or pearl.  I strive for pieces that can be worn for any occasion, something to make every-day special.

I work entirely on my own.  I began participating in juried craft shows in 2008.  I have participated in the Cobourg Waterfront Festival and the Buckhorn Arts and Craft Festival, Perth’s Stewart Park Music Festival to name a few.

If you’ve read this far, to add further, I have a strong fine art background.  I am a continuing student of art.  I have studied academic drawing and painting. In July 2009 I assisted my friend and teacher Pauline Bradshaw in teaching an academic drawing course at the National Gallery in Ottawa.  To find some balance, I heave a huge artistic sigh, let loose and paint abstract.  In 2009 I held my first solo show featuring abstract works.

I now spend my days being creative, making jewellery, mixed media abstract, academic drawing and oil painting.  Thank you for being interested in me.

Online Shopping

The decision to go “on line” has not been an easy one.  Here you will find my “first attempt” and several offerings of my work.

If you have ever tried to photograph something small and shiny you will understand that photographing the jewellery has been a laborious one.  I’m happy to have your comments and bear with me as this thing develops a life of its own.  Thanks, Anita